10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

*Please note: This post was published before Esprit Photography became known as April Marie Photography. Sorry for the old watermarks, it would take too long to re-edit all the images with the new watermark, so do your best to just ignore them! Thanks for your continued support!!*

1. I am Canadian. Yup. I was born and raised just outside of Toronto. (YES, that means I’m cultured. And NO that doesn’t mean that I say “eh”… At least not most of the time.)

2. I make really weird faces when I’m taking pictures. (If you couldn’t tell by looking at the picture above…)

3. I have TONS of hobbies: photography (Yes, it’s my hobby as well as my job!), sewing, singing, running, kickboxing, lifting weights, playing the piano, painting, drawing, decorating, scrap booking and shopping – if you can call that a hobby… Just to name a few!

4. I like to research and watch shows about Sharks for fun. My dad and I used to borrow shark books from the Library and read them together when I was growing up.

5. I have a pretty weird sense of humor. I like to entertain my family and close friends by doing impressions… A few of my favorite people to imitate are [EVAN BAXTER] from Bruce Almighty and [KELSO] from That 70’s Show. And of course, Mr. Bean. He’s the bomb.

6. My absolute-without-a-doubt favorite show is Americas Funniest Home Videos. I am a laugh-out-loud person, and I don’t hold back when I’m watching AFV!

7. I would describe my sense of style as [BOHO CHIC]. A few of the celebs who inspire me are [NICOLE RICHIE], [ASHLEY OLSEN], and [BLAKE LIVELY].

8. I LOVE nail polish, but I only use OPI. Two of my favorite colors are [YOU DON’T KNOW JAQUES] and [STEADY AS SHE ROSE].

9. My favorite season is Autumn. I love walking down the street to Starbucks: all I need is my [PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE] and a good book. (Or my ipad!)

10. If I could spontaneously win any vehicle in the world, it would be a [PORSCHE CARRERA GT]. And it would be bright yellow. Oh yeah, baby.

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